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Admit One Movies is a film review podcast with different view on the world of cinema. Simon Oxlade, Mat Purvis, and Claire Dukes are film fans, not critics. Armed with an annual cinema pass they spend their own money and then meet up in the pub to review what they have seen.

How did the film review podcast get started?

The show started over two years ago during a visit to the pub to watch the rugby. Building on a long friendship, a love of beer and of film, Admit One Movies has seen solid growth in listeners and downloads month on month.


Current Podcast Episode

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What should I expect from your film review podcast?

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Ocelot Podcast at the Beehive.

Full of warm, witty banter, and sometimes gloriously profane, these shows are like sitting in a pub with your mates complaining about movies. While they may know what an F-stop is, and what the heck a gaffer does, the team are honest film fans who reflect the opinions of the average cinema goer with their local multiplex at the end of their street.

You won’t get a score, but you will get an honest assessment of what a handful of average Joes think of the flick and is it worth your money.

What sort of film do you review?

Each show usually consists of some news, some gossip, if anyone of note has died recently there’s a respectful obituary before the three or four reviews are delivered. In between there are insults, jokes, beer and smiles. We’re not the best criticism podcast out there, but we’re probably the warmest.

We review a lot of what is released at the cinema. Because we are not members of the press we don’t tend to be able to review forthcoming film, and we are limited by what our local cinemas choose to show, but we always try to carry a good range of film genres and deliver well-balanced reviews. Have a look at the Film Review List page where we list every film and TV show we have reviewed on the podcast.

What are the News stories?

We don’t pretend to be a movie news site, but our news section is a discussion forum about some of the major news we’ve spotted between recordings.

What’s in an episode?

Typically each episode contains a look at some recent film new stories. Sometimes this includes casting news, trailer review and occasionally obituaries of notable figures from film. No-one is shy about weighing in with an opinion, and the discussion sometimes pinwheels off in a different direction, but typically this lasts twenty minutes or so.

Then the meat of the show are the reviews. Sometimes everyone has seen the movie, other times it is only one or two. The story is picked over, then any criticisms and problems are aired. Typically, if the film is a recent release, the boys try to avoid spoilers, but will warn if they are about to discuss something sensitive.

Do you ever not review a film?

All the time. Some times we just can’t catch a film as it passes through the cinema so quick, other times we really don’t want to see it. We don’t claim to be comprehensive, but we do try to see challenging films as well as crowd-pleasers and sometime we see a film all the critics hate, that we quite enjoy.

Where can I listen to you?

You can visit the Podcasts page and find all of our previous episodes complete with show notes and an embedded player.

If you’d rather use an app, you can find us on:

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Where can I follow you?

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