The one without a great deal of focus

Focus? Precise? Clearly a Jedi craves not these things as Simon and Mat head off on a largely unfocussed ramble that takes in Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Monsters, Rogue One, badly named sequels and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Amazingly they only manage to review The Magnificent Seven and the inspired animated lunacy that is Batman:Return of the Caped Crusaders.

The one with surprisingly little silliness

Clickety Clack clickety clack, it’s a hum drum day in AdmitOne land where commuting is miserable and there is no room for silliness. Join the 4:15 to Dungness where Simon and Mat look around at their fellow commuters and discuss The Girl on the Train. Then they get to their destination and find that their workplace is ablaze, oh no, it’s Deepwater Horizon.

Short and sweet, this is also the first time the boys have gone under 30 mins. You’re welcome

Movie Night! 

Mat and I are off to the movies again! I know, anyone would think we’ve got a podcast to fill…

Anyway with a Kapow, zap, and boom, we’re off to see Batman:Return of the Caped Crusaders – a new animated movie based around the original 60S Batman and featuring the voices of all of the original cast. 

We’re recording again on Wednesday so if you fancy saying hi, we’d love to meet you 

Rogue One – Trailer Two

So, Rogue One – Trailer Two has arrived and … well … wow. I know, I know – it can’t possibly be as good as both these trailers have been. But I can dream can’t I?

Rogue One is visually very interesting, has a great, gritty aesthetic, the story hints at being less cliched than many, Felicity Jones and the rest of the cast look interesting, we haven’t had a “men on a mission” movies for a long while – never in the Star Wars Universe.

Oh heck… please be as good as the trailer. Please.

Also released was this frankly gorgeous poster, one of the very best posters I’ve seen in a long long time.


This could be something very special indeed. I sincerly hope so

I’m very excited for December.

The one with the holiday snaps…

Off we go again with Wiltshire’s favourite film-reviewing duo(1) on another whip-crack tour of the world of Cine. Simon’s six-inch movie reviews take in Jodie Foster’s Money Monster and the gritty crime thriller Triple-9, while Mat feels unclean as he relives Sausage Party. Along the way our heroes get distracted by True Detective, casually introduce the Michael Caine classic Zulu to the DVD shelf of Truth and Justice and Simon sort of reviews the Studio Tour at Universal Studios, Hollywood.

(1) Probably not actually true.

The one with much gushing…

After a short break, Simon and Mat return to the podwaves and they’ve seen a lot. Mat tells us all about Bryan Cranston’s latest, The Infiltrator, Simon reviews Whit Stillman’s Love and Friendship and the pair of them orgasm over Hell or High Water. Not many jokes, but Simon does throw in a late one-minute pitch for Lilo and Stitch to go on the DVD shelf.

The sound of silence 

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