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Bored of doing your tax returns? Perhaps you should employ Ben Affleck as your Accountant? Reviews of BatFleck’s odd new thriller and Nocturnal Animals, previews of Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets and La La Land,  Paddington is nominated for the DVD Shelf, more Rogue One discussions and a tip of the hat to Jackie Chan! You can participate in the Paddington Vote on our Facebook page. You watch your favourite duo on YouTube! Also, we’re homeless, so any suggestions as to where we should move our show to, send ’em in!

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Rogue One International Trailer is probably the best yet

Another Rogue One trailer has appeared, this time the International Trailer – which looks a bit Korean.

Anyway the dialog’s in English and we see lots of new stuff – frankly this looks fantastic. We’ve never seen an AT-AT battle from the ground before, for example.

Anyway this nerd’s enthusiasm level has risen yet again. I’m prepared for disappointment – it can’t be this good, can it?

Site updates

Hi folks, Simon here.

I’ve been fussing over our website a bit recently and added a load of things behind the scenes which should make everything work a little better for you.

The big different is you can now link directly to our Facebook page with one click on the left hand menu.

The podcasts page has been cleaned up so it now only contains the podcasts.

And I’ve written a much better help page for those of you who don’t know what a podcast is, let alone how to listen to one.

As ever, comments below!
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Nocturnal Animals and more

About to head up a weekend of Cinema visits kicking off with the intriguing looking Nocturnal Animals followed up tomorrow with the aggressively marketed The Accountant and possibly ending up Monday evening with an early showing of Arrival.

Amy Adams is just in everything right now.

Reviews coming on an upcoming edition of Admit One Movies!