Apatow says Fox stars should speak out

So this weekend Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson exhorted his viewers to distrust anything from any other media outlet but Fox News.

For any right thinking person that is a troubling statement. You should never rely on a single media source for all your news, you should read multiple sources and make up your own mind. What makes it truly troubling is that this is Fox News calling the entire rest of the media liars. 


Fox News.

Fox is very very pro-Trump. They are effectively the President’s media outlet, easy interviews, recite everything that comes out the White House verbatim, rabid defense of everything the president says – even when proved wrong.

It’s actually worse than the Daily Mail.

So Seth Rogan, creator of Family Guy, Ted and The Orville declared himself embarrassed to work for Fox.

Now Judd Apatow has come out and said that more of Fox network’s stars should call out their employers if they don’t agree with them. 

It’s a bit rich from Apatow who hasn’t worked with Fox for years, and it is tough for creatives whose very livelihoods depend on networks to pay for their shows.

It is a tough ask.
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