Big of them

Kelly Marie Tran Admit One Movies podcast

Well, an anti-Disney group has claimed responsibility for attacking actress Kelly Marie Tran.


Right, firstly, use of the word Feminazi is staggeringly offensive not just to women, but to everyone.

Two, I’m not a fan of The Last Jedi, but Tran was one of that film’s successes.

Three, your protest involves sending crude, rude and abusive tweets and messages directly to an actress who, if we forget is someone doing a job of work. That is not a protest, that is bullying.

If you have a gripe, petitioning Disney is the way to go, not singling out a single female and attacking her mercilessly. That’s like protesting about Amazon by attacking the delivery driver.

You are a hateful cowardly human being. You disgust me.

What do you think?

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