New Year, New Schedule

Having recovered from the debilitating illness that struck me down for the first day of 2017 (medically known as a hangover) I have ventured out to see my first film of the new year. In a few minutes I’ll be taking in all that Why Him? has to offer.

Following that we’ve got a jam packed release schedule to try and get through. Silence is next on my list, then next week me and Simon will be heading off to early previews of La La Land, Liver By Night and rounding it off with Manchester by the Sea.


So join us in the new year and let us know what you’re excited about or dreading. 

Happy new year!

Nocturnal Animals and more

About to head up a weekend of Cinema visits kicking off with the intriguing looking Nocturnal Animals followed up tomorrow with the aggressively marketed The Accountant and possibly ending up Monday evening with an early showing of Arrival.

Amy Adams is just in everything right now.


Reviews coming on an upcoming edition of Admit One Movies!