It’s the Admit One Christmas Special!!

We’ve only been going six months, but sod it, let’s review the year!

The 2016 Movie Christmas dinner is served. A yummy roast potato is Mat’s review of Office Christmas Party with Jennifer Anniston and Jason Bateman. The stuffing balls are Simon’s spin through the many, many celebrity deaths of 2017 (but not Kirk Douglas). The boys tear through which films you really should be watching on TV this Christmas to provide you with some delicious carrots and parsnips, then there’s a moist golden delicious slice of turkey as the boys choose their top three films of the year and a spoonful of sprouts as they also choose their three worst….

This Christmas special should have been released next week, but then we realised we screwed up the christmas films list. Hey ho!

Thanks for listening to us for the past six months. You are all quite awesome.

Happy Christmas!!!



Audition Template: 1 Mono Host track (with Speech Volume Leveler), 1 Mono Interview track (with Speech Volume Leveler), 1 Stereo Sound FX with effects, 1 Stereo Music Bed track. 44.1k, 16 bit, Stereo Master.

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