Love Terry Crews

Here’s a reason to love actor Terry Crews a little bit more.

For those who don’t know him, Terry Crews is a HUGE man, easily holding his own against 80s muscle men Stallone and Lundgren in the bulging biceps department, but he is also a talented comedic actor on Brooklyn nine nine and, get this, an open and honest individual.


A couple of years ago he opened up about a porn addiction, explaining clearly and honestly what the problem was, why he did what he did, how bad things got and finally how he beat it. He implored other men in similar situations to also seek help.

It is important because Crews is not the sort of guy to be called a snowflake. His core audience are the type of guy who likes MMA, Vin Diesel and WWE. Terry Crews is in a unique position to reach these guys with important messages.

Well now he’s at it again, this time coming out about alleged sexual assaults.

Yep, Terry Crews claims he was sexually assaulted at a party. This is important because guys can be subject to improper advances too, they too can be put into uncomfortable positions by powerful people.

Ignoring whether or not Crews’ complaint has any merit, he’s taking a stand, filing a civil suit and now testifying to Congress – a stand that has apparently cost him his role in Expendables 4.

What Crews alleges is strikingly similar to those complaints from Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd et al. This is not to belittle the abuses so many women have suffered, but it appears that Hollywood’s dark side has affected male actors too.

No actor should be expected to trade sexual favours in order to advance their career. Male or Female. 

It is heartening to see that the #metoo movement has not withered and died. With more brave souls like Terry Crews, perhaps we can see a future where sexual harrassment is not swept under the carpet, buried in shame, but instead see victims taken seriously and the perpetrators convicted.

What do you think?

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