The Batman NOT part of the DCEU

ScreenRant are reporting that Matt Reeves’ The Batman film is now not going to be part of the DCEU.

I know, hang on, bear with.


Right so the current thinking is that the Scorcese produced, Joaquin Phoenix starring Joker film will be part of a different DC Universe. The DCEU will continue with tentpole mashup films and Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and er, Jared Leto’s stand alone Joker film.

Oh and The Batman may not star Affleck.

Now sure comic book fans can handle the same characters appearing in different story streams, often at the same time, but this has never been tried in film before. Sure, we’ve had reboots and reinventions, we’ve also seen actor changes, but never two different takes of the same characters at the same time.

Does this work? Hmm.

However with the muddled sounding story from yesterday regarding the Joker film, combined with this confusing story (which just screams ‘bad idea’) makes me think that Warners are desperately trying to salvage the DCEU , but don’t know how.

With Snyder gone I feel they have a better chance. Importing a DC alum as series runner is hopeful, but it still seems muddled, confused, and unlikely to work.

What do you think?

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