Trailer roundup

Ahhh, ’tis the season to be  …. inundated with movie trailers apparently.

So here we go again with another look through what’s coming up, either good … or bad.


Christopher Nolan, off the back of stupendous success with the Dark Knight trilogy, Inception and Interstellar has chosen to give us Dunkirk, a film of the saving of a large chunk of the British army during the incredibly successful German offensive of 1940. Ultimately the retreat from France was a defeat, but the ‘miracle’ of Dunkirk was a victory as the astonishing rescue operation saved the bulk of Britain’s fighting force at the time and gave the country hope that they could possibly fight back against the Nazis.

I like the look of this, it’s not skimping on scale or visuals, the effects, sets and costumes look real. What you don’t get from the trailer is any sense of the characters we’re going to meet (with the exception of Kenneth Branagh) and in a film of this size, it is our relationship with the characters that will make or break it.

Still a great cast, and Harry Styles, Dunkirk opens in June.

John Wick: Chapter 2

 We’ve seen this before, but here’s a second trailer. It looks like more of the same, but that’s not a bad thing as the original John Wick was a blast of fresh air, wrapping a so-so revenge plot in  bombastic action sequences and an interestingly detailed world of archaic rules, honour codes and fifties tech.

Looking forward to this – also compare and contrast with the XXX3 trailer… aaand discuss.


Okay this looks terrifically muddled, but it does have the Rock (who is worth a watch in anything he does) and it does have Ephron (who is maturing into a very good comic actor) and the two of them together appear to have a lot of chemistry.

File this under cautiously looking forward to it.


Warning: Red Band trailer!

So I guess your feelings about this film will depend on your feelings about Amy Schumer. Personally, and I don’t know how she does it,  I find she successfully treads a very fine line between comedy and vulgarity and this trailer is definitely right up Amy’s street with desperately embarrassing situations and explicit dialogue wrapped up in a slightly desperate “I try to be good” attitude.

Anyway the real highlight is Goldie Hawn, in her first film since 2002. She looks amazing and still has all the comedy chops that made her famous.

This looks filthy, but possibly hilarious. However am I the only one who thinks the kidnap plot is a bit un-necessary? Surely there’s enough material with an awkward mother/daughter holiday situation?

Blade Runner 2049

Okay, so where to begin this this?

It looks like the original, in fact this is the most classic-Ridley-Scott-looking film I’ve seen since, probably, Black Rain (look it up).

The world looks meticulously re-created, that distinctive visual style is in every pixel, and the mood, that queasy mix of threat and wonder, seems to be perfectly re-created.

Then there’s the music, which is SO important to Blade Runner.

Oh, just wow. What a great trailer and I am so hopeful that the impressive talent involved with this film are , finally, going to pull off a worthy sequel.


As ever, what do you think?