The One with Mute, Peter Rabbit, The Hurricane Heist and A Quiet Place

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Reviews of Mute, Peter Rabbit, The Hurricane Heist and A Quiet Place

Mute, finally, gets reviewed, along with Peter RabbitThe Hurricane Heist and silent horror A Quiet Place.

Simon, Mat and Claire return to the Beehive pub, Swindon, Wiltshire for their 50th Episode of the Admit One Movies podcast. Recorded over two days, the show contains a look at Solo: A Star Wars story, a discussion of Netflix’s refusal to show anything at Cannes, a week after Cannes refused to show anything that Netflix submitted (sour grapes?).

Sony’s Peter Rabbit with a miscast James Corden as the voice of lead character gets reviewed, Simon and Claire finally get round to reviewing futuristic noir film Mute from Duncan Jones. Simon provides the shortest ever review of Rob “The Fast and the Furious” Cohen latest film, The Hurricane Heist with Maggie Grace. Finally Mat and Claire hold each other’s hands through innovative horror film A Quiet Place with Emily Blunt.

Thanks to Back of the Grid F1’s Tom, Chris & Stu, and Greg from The All Seeing Guys, both BritPodScene members, wishing us a happy birthday. These guys do really excellent podcasts and I urge you to check them out!!



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