The one with Lost in Space, Tango One, Elle and The Alienist

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Reviews of Lost in Space, Tango One, Elle and The Alienist.

Simon, Mat and Claire didn’t fancy watching Rampage, so it’s a Netflix streaming special as the team take a look over some of the wide range of material available on the streaming service.

Simon takes a look at the remake of the classic story Swiss Family Robinson, er, I mean Lost in Space – does the megabudget remake stand up as a family adventure series?

Claire has been casting her eyes of much praised Paul Verhoven film Elle, starring Isabelle Huppert, and how one strong woman deals with being raped.

Simon has gone to the other end of the quality spectrum and watched gangster’n’guns thrller Tango One, based on the book by Stephen Leather.

Finally all three take a look at The Alienist, the 1800s set serial killer mystery horror series starring Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning and Wales’ finest, Luke Evans.

Plus news, abuse, and a look back at the life of Verne Troyer.

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