The one with Blade Runner 2049, Mindhunter, The Snowman and Geostorm

The stunning Blade Runner 2049Denis Villeneuve’s much anticipated follow up to 1982’s Ridley Scott classic, gets the Admit One treatment and, needless to say, both the boys love it.

Also on their good side is another Netflix show, Mindhunter. Directed by David Fincher, with episodes from interesting directors such as Asif Kapadia, and Charlize Theron among the producers, the series has a stunning pedigree.

Also with a cast to die for, including pod faves Michael FassbenderRebecca FergusonJ.K. SimmondsChloe Sevigny and Val Kilmer, comes The Snowman. Simon disliked the book, so Mat went to see it as he quite likes those crime things.

Simon loves a bad film, and many bad films seem to star Gerard Butler. Simon went to see Geostorm, the futuristic political environmental disaster action thriller you didn’t know you wanted, in spaaaaace!

We also look at the crimes of Harvey Weinstein, and not just the movie Chocolat and if ever you wanted proof that we do record live in a pub, we get some fun interruptions from the regulars!

All this and a whopping fifteen minutes of hilarious outtakes – what more could you want? Well, except for some professionalism, obvs.

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The one with Assassin’s Creed, Why Him, and Passengers

New Year, new show as the boys pay tribute to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, get scared by the Alien: Covenant trailer, get really scared by The Emoji Movie trailer then get on with their jobs by reviewing Why Him? with Bryan Cranston and James FrancoAssassin’s Creed with Michael FassbenderJeremy Irons and Marion Cotillard and the long awaited, much trailered Passengers with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Enjoy the show and stop by and tell us what you think, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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