Movie Night! 

Mat and I are off to the movies again! I know, anyone would think we’ve got a podcast to fill…

Anyway with a Kapow, zap, and boom, we’re off to see Batman:Return of the Caped Crusaders – a new animated movie based around the original 60S Batman and featuring the voices of all of the original cast. 

We’re recording again on Wednesday so if you fancy saying hi, we’d love to meet you 

Movie Night 

Simon here,  off to the movies again. This time to see Hell or high water,  the new Chris Pine/ Jeff Bridges heist movie. 

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this film, so I hope it delivers. Bridges looks made for the role of the sheriff and Pine and Foster,  together again after Their Finest Hours, seem compelling. 

We’re recording on Thursday so I’ll let you know what I think real soon. 

War Dogs

It’s movie night and Simon (that’s me) is of to see the Miles Teller and Jonah Hill stoner gun running flick.

I’ve read the non-fiction book the film is based upon and,  gob-smacking revelations and stunning ineptitude aside, it’s not a very likable story. These are imbeciles who got extraordinarily rich peddling guns to warzones,  and that doesn’t make them nice people in my book.

So I really hope this film,  while enjoying the ludicrous story, has some bite to go with the fun. Something like Moneyball or the Big Short would be ideal. Review in the next episode.