The one with Murder on the Orient Express, Thor: Ragnarok, The Shining and Paddington 2

Murder on the Orient Express brings together an all star cast (and Johnny Depp) in a classic tale of skulduggery and murder. Mat took a look and, like Poirot in a dining room, gives us his opinion.

Simon has seen the bright and breezy Marvel movie Thor:Ragnarok, with extra comedy and bonus Jeff Goldblum. Thor, Loki and The Hulk are stuck on a hostile planet and need to figure out how to get back and kick the Asgard out of that nasty Cate Blanchett.

Mat has also seen his beloved The Shining on the big screen for the first time and, naturally, was blown away by the experience. Whilst, for other reasons, Simon was blown away by the sheer cuddliness of Paddington 2.

The news is depressing, all sex scandals and heroes’ reputations being destroyed before your eyes – it’s almost like being a fan of road cycling all over again. Disney are morally dubious, the LA Times won a minor battle and, yes, we do check in on the current status of Mickey Rourke.

avatar Simon Oxlade
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