The one with Ocean’s 8, Incredibles 2, Sicario 2 and How it Ends

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Reviews of Ocean’s 8, Incredibles 2, Sicario 2 and How it Ends

After the unfortunate death of Mat, and a ridiculously long time away, Claire and Simon return to Swindon’s legendary Beehive pub for a look at the world of movies.

Reviews of Ocean’s 8 with THAT cast – Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Anne Hathaway. Is it any good , well, er…. oh look just listen to it will you. Simon caught the Incredibles 2, Pixar’s finest film finally gets a sequel – only 14 years after the original. Is it good? Yes, of course it is.  Sicario 2 sees Benicio Del Toro get unleashed on the Mexican Drug Cartels by Josh Brolin‘s CIA enforcer. Shady dealing, high tension scenes and a cruel twist or two. Claire was given homework and dutifully watched Netflix exclusive film How it Ends starring Forrest Whittaker. How does it end? Badly, apparently.

All combined with jokes, opinions and Claire loses a pint and several peanuts.


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The one with Lost in Space, Tango One, Elle and The Alienist

Ep51_Website Image Admit One Movies podcast

Reviews of Lost in Space, Tango One, Elle and The Alienist.

Simon, Mat and Claire didn’t fancy watching Rampage, so it’s a Netflix streaming special as the team take a look over some of the wide range of material available on the streaming service.

Simon takes a look at the remake of the classic story Swiss Family Robinson, er, I mean Lost in Space – does the megabudget remake stand up as a family adventure series?

Claire has been casting her eyes of much praised Paul Verhoven film Elle, starring Isabelle Huppert, and how one strong woman deals with being raped.

Simon has gone to the other end of the quality spectrum and watched gangster’n’guns thrller Tango One, based on the book by Stephen Leather.

Finally all three take a look at The Alienist, the 1800s set serial killer mystery horror series starring Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning and Wales’ finest, Luke Evans.

Plus news, abuse, and a look back at the life of Verne Troyer.

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The One with Mute, Peter Rabbit, The Hurricane Heist and A Quiet Place

Admit One Movies podcast Episode 50 promo image

Reviews of Mute, Peter Rabbit, The Hurricane Heist and A Quiet Place

Mute, finally, gets reviewed, along with Peter RabbitThe Hurricane Heist and silent horror A Quiet Place.

Simon, Mat and Claire return to the Beehive pub, Swindon, Wiltshire for their 50th Episode of the Admit One Movies podcast. Recorded over two days, the show contains a look at Solo: A Star Wars story, a discussion of Netflix’s refusal to show anything at Cannes, a week after Cannes refused to show anything that Netflix submitted (sour grapes?).

Sony’s Peter Rabbit with a miscast James Corden as the voice of lead character gets reviewed, Simon and Claire finally get round to reviewing futuristic noir film Mute from Duncan Jones. Simon provides the shortest ever review of Rob “The Fast and the Furious” Cohen latest film, The Hurricane Heist with Maggie Grace. Finally Mat and Claire hold each other’s hands through innovative horror film A Quiet Place with Emily Blunt.

Thanks to Back of the Grid F1’s Tom, Chris & Stu, and Greg from The All Seeing Guys, both BritPodScene members, wishing us a happy birthday. These guys do really excellent podcasts and I urge you to check them out!!



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The one with Ready Player One, Annihilation, Tomb Raider, but not Mute

Admit One Movies returns with a podcast episode stuffed with goodies.

Spielberg’s homage to Spielberg, Ready Player One, hits screens this Friday, but Simon’s already seen it at a preview and let’s you know if this meta-blockbuster is worth your ten quid.

Alicia Viklander takes up the impractical vest of Lara Croft from Angelina Jolie in the new Tomb Raider film. How does it fare against its predecessors, the long back story of the games, and current action adventure films. Once again Simon has braved the multiplex and reports back.

For those homebody’s about, both Simon and Claire have seen Alex Garland’s latest film Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman and Jennifer Jason Leigh and both agree that this should have been a cinema release. It isn’t, it’s on Netflix, but it is still a cracking sci fi horror that is smart, clever and meaningful.

We were going to also review Duncan Jones’ Mute, but time ran away from us, so that will appear in a later episode.

Mat hasn’t been to the cinema, but he has got some good news stories, James Corden’s Peter Rabbit gets some surprisingly venomous criticism from the threesome, none of whom have actually seen it, and there are the usual banter, jokes and insults.

Note: The pub was extremely busy on Wednesday night and we’ve tried to clean up the audio as much as possible, in some places I apologise if the background noise is too much.

Check out the website:

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The one with Bright, The Last Jedi and Jumanji

Mat and Simon return with reviews of Jumanji, with The RockJack BlackKevin Hart and Karen Gillan; Star Wars: The Last Jedi with, well, everyone it seems; and Netflix fantasy movie Bright with Will Smith.

No news, but we also take a look back over the last twelve months and decide our three best, and three worst films of the year!

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The one with Blade Runner 2049, Mindhunter, The Snowman and Geostorm

The stunning Blade Runner 2049Denis Villeneuve’s much anticipated follow up to 1982’s Ridley Scott classic, gets the Admit One treatment and, needless to say, both the boys love it.

Also on their good side is another Netflix show, Mindhunter. Directed by David Fincher, with episodes from interesting directors such as Asif Kapadia, and Charlize Theron among the producers, the series has a stunning pedigree.

Also with a cast to die for, including pod faves Michael FassbenderRebecca FergusonJ.K. SimmondsChloe Sevigny and Val Kilmer, comes The Snowman. Simon disliked the book, so Mat went to see it as he quite likes those crime things.

Simon loves a bad film, and many bad films seem to star Gerard Butler. Simon went to see Geostorm, the futuristic political environmental disaster action thriller you didn’t know you wanted, in spaaaaace!

We also look at the crimes of Harvey Weinstein, and not just the movie Chocolat and if ever you wanted proof that we do record live in a pub, we get some fun interruptions from the regulars!

All this and a whopping fifteen minutes of hilarious outtakes – what more could you want? Well, except for some professionalism, obvs.

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The one with Icarus, The Big Sick and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Mat and Simon, complete with furry audience member, take another full throttle dive through the world of film. This time they discuss Disney’s streaming service and the affect on Netflix, the next movie from the creator of The Thick of ItVeep and In The LoopArmando Iannucci. We take a look back at the careers of Martin LandauJeanne Moreau and the great Sam Shepherd.
Reviews this week are Netflix documentary Icarus, low budget race relations comedy drama The Big Sick and Luc Besson’s bonkers return to grand space opera Valerian and the City of a thousand planets.

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