What a difference a flyer makes….

Just looked at our site stats and there’s a marked increase in site traffic since we did our little flyer campaign at the start of December.

The Xmas flyer

So a thank you to everyone who picked up a flyer and stopped by the site. I hope you like the podcast!

Big massive thankyou to the Management teams at Cineworld Regent Circus and Shaw Ridge for letting us spam their clientele.

The one with Rogue One

Finally Rogue One gets the Admit One treatment as Simon and Mat review the latest Star Wars film. Before the main event they pay tribute to Zsa Zsa Gabor, take a look at trailers for Trainspotting 2Dunkirk, Blade Runner 2049John Wick Chapter 2Snatched, and the new movie from Zach BraffOut with Style with detours into 80’s action movies, the humour of Sandi Toksvig, ignore our own instructions to list the films to watch over Christmas (that’s in the Xmas Special) and Mat struggles with the fact that Batman is boring….

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Rogue One International Trailer is probably the best yet

Another Rogue One trailer has appeared, this time the International Trailer – which looks a bit Korean.

Anyway the dialog’s in English and we see lots of new stuff – frankly this looks fantastic. We’ve never seen an AT-AT battle from the ground before, for example.

Anyway this nerd’s enthusiasm level has risen yet again. I’m prepared for disappointment – it can’t be this good, can it?

Rogue One – Trailer Two

So, Rogue One – Trailer Two has arrived and … well … wow. I know, I know – it can’t possibly be as good as both these trailers have been. But I can dream can’t I?

Rogue One is visually very interesting, has a great, gritty aesthetic, the story hints at being less cliched than many, Felicity Jones and the rest of the cast look interesting, we haven’t had a “men on a mission” movies for a long while – never in the Star Wars Universe.

Oh heck… please be as good as the trailer. Please.

Also released was this frankly gorgeous poster, one of the very best posters I’ve seen in a long long time.


This could be something very special indeed. I sincerly hope so

I’m very excited for December.